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REDDjobb: A North Carolina-based training and coaching company established to create personal and professional opportunities for motivated individuals, organizations and companies. In this life - as noted in our name - there are bright colors, big letters, small letters and even slants. Contact us through our website for information about coaching, keynotes, writing/editing or leadership training.

Our Mission:
- Providing non-traditional and fast-paced self-leadership workshops and individual coaching for small business, career professionals and writers seeking to jumpstart their mindset, stay resilient, find new levels of motivation and creativity and pursue new career and entrepreneurial opportunities.

- Providing a variety of writing services, including book manuscript review, public announcements and public relations, one page biographies and other career preparation materials.

- Providing an informational blog for writers, coaches, leaders, motivators and folks with resiliency.

Think EGO: "Energy Gets Opportunity"