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10 Writing Tips to Help Daily Creativity

By Author, Poet, Trainer and Writing Coach Glenn Proctor     804-678-8570        

   (In these examples, use descriptive language. Do not use I)

  1. Write a daily sentence – 15 words or less – that speaks of your positive qualities.
  2. Once a month, compose a sentence about your mentor and how they have helped you. No longer than 20 words.
  3. Sit in front of the mirror and write about what you see. Describe face, hair, lips, eyes, forehead, nose, brow, cheeks and, of course, color and MOOD.
  4. Write an eight-line poem about a long friendship or good relationship.
  5. Write about your BEST DAY EVER in 25 words.
  6. Describe each of your children in 15 words. Those without children, write about a niece or nephew or another young relative.
  7. Write a four-sentence rhyming poem about what you think about before going to bed.
  8. Write a sentence about “love” every day.
  9. Write about your WORST DAY in 20 words.
  10. Write a new affirmation every day.

 Ask yourself: Am I writing daily? Am I focused? Am I enjoying the writing process? Do I believe what I am writing? Am I writing too little and editing too much? Do I write at a special time in a special place? Is my writing fiction or reality? Is it personal or for family, friends or general consumption?