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Blow a December kiss at the loved ones; the deserving,
Watch downtowns shine with busy smiles and song;
‘Tis the season of thanks and giving the calendar says;
So forget not the meaning amid commercials and crowds,
As Northern families romp in snow with childish glee
Who still licks sweet batter bowls or sings carols unrehearsed?

This holiday season, as with all, look for peace
Take body rests to ease turbulent months past;
Gather family and friends before December passes
To new beginnings with resolutions as possibilities
Pursued with resilient vigor or forgotten quickly
Like deep footprints covered with new snow.

Find your applause in risks and dreams fulfilled
After many Decembers of holidays with family time
That reminds us still of childhoods and those folks
That laughed with us and enjoyed just what we had.

To read more of Coach Glenn Proctor’s poetry, check out the first two books – KICKING BOTTLES, NEWS & DUST An Autobiography – 50 Years of Poems and LOVE, LUST & FLIRTS – of the Finding Dust Trilogy. The third of the trilogy – CHANGE Robots Driving Covered Wagons – is due out February 2016. For individual and group coaching, leadership training and writing services, contact the author through this website.


  1. Al N Hockaday says:

    Being number 7, of 13 brothers and sisters, I was a kid again, as I read
    “A Holiday Wish”.
    Thanks!! I am calling home, Now!!

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