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About REDDjobb

Red is exciting, job is life.

The name represents life as we see it.  Our lives are filled with bright colors, big letters, small letters and even slants.  Our slogan represents motivation.

E.G.O.: Energy Gets Opportunity.

Partners: Trainers/ Consultants/ Speakers in Charlotte and Richmond.

Promise: No ‘never look up’ speeches, sleep-inducing slides or sit-still workshops.

Sessions: Spirited conversations, team drills and games, role-playing exercises, body movement and lots of writing. Call it “creative fun” learning.

Goal: Each motivated person will finish our workshops or coaching sessions with written blueprints for the future, a focused appreciation for their own creative thinking and the ability to seek traditional/non-traditional professional and entrepreneurial opportunities.

Our 12 Beliefs

  1. We believe ENERGY wins.
  2. We believe goals are reachable. We believe that a good majority of people want to get better at something, start new chapters in their lives or recharge life’s batteries.
  3. We believe our success has no color, age, or zip code. But giving up is very easy.
  4. We believe creativity, good mentoring and coaching are as important as education.
  5. We believe that everyone must be mentally available for opportunities. The bus might be early, on time or late. Just be ready to climb aboard and take advantage of the ride.
  6. We believe a positive attitude brings positive results.
  7. We believe accountability management, articulated and attainable goals and strong and fair leadership are the keys to a successful business or team.
  8. We believe in “hands-on” seminars. We do not believe in long “never look up” speeches or sleep-inducing slides.
  9. We believe spirited conversations, role-playing exercises and individual and team drills help spur motivation and creativity.
  10. We believe business casual dress epitomizes a creative and entrepreneurial spirit. However, if seminar participants want to wear their blues, grays, pinstripes and pumps, that’s okay.
  11. We believe it’s great to read motivational stories. It’s even better to create your own. “Stop cheering for the champions. Be one.”
  12. We believe in this goal-setting strategy: create, write, embrace, revise and execute. If that makes you feel good, catch your breath and set the next goal.