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Determined Diverse Women

Join us Saturday, September 24, 2016 ( 9 a.m. - Noon) for three hours of fun, life experiences and personal and professional situations and success. Nine women - entrepreneurs and career professionals - will discuss Balancing Work, Life and … [Read more...]

Authors and Books

The Ladies & Him (Books, Wine, Writing and Networking) 11 a.m. - 2 p.m./June 18, 2016 (Saturday) Cajun Canvas, 11116 S. Tryon Street, Charlotte Join Charlotte-area authors for a wonderful book signing and writing chat. Each author will have a … [Read more...]

Motivation To Go!

1. “Accept your life story – parts good or not – and move to better thinking and greater things. Or remain in first gear, exist in fragile comfort and die with a list of unfinished goals.” 2. “Exercise, Eat Right, Get Sleep” 3. “With marriage, … [Read more...]


Books Matter! CHANGE Matters! Comedy Matters! Diversity MATTERS! Energy Matters! EQUALITY Matters! Exercise MATTERS! Family Matters! Friends Matter! HEALTH MATTERS! Journalism MATTERS! Leading Matters! LISTENING Matters! Living … [Read more...]


If you're ever short of words to say to a loved one, say this: I Love You Because… 1. You respect our relationship. 2. You make me very proud. 3. You look good in everything. 4. You talk me through difficult … [Read more...]


- Believe this: "Energy Gets Opportunity." That's real E-G-O. - Believe in change. - Believe goals are reachable. Dreams without action are trees without leaves. - Believe success has no color, age or zip code. Giving up is life’s easiest … [Read more...]

Rules of No!

Each of us must determine our personal and professional roadmap to success. But in doing so, we must understand that stop signs are at every corner. Limiting the deterrents - verbal, visual and the ones in our heads - will not clear the road, but … [Read more...]


Blow a December kiss at the loved ones; the deserving, Watch downtowns shine with busy smiles and song; ‘Tis the season of thanks and giving the calendar says; So forget not the meaning amid commercials and crowds, As Northern families romp in … [Read more...]


Three days to remember this November. We all know about Thanksgiving because of its popularity and food focus. Dressed or not, however, the 20-pound main attraction never rendered a salute, drove a tank, jumped out of a plane or stood … [Read more...]


CHANGE Robots Driving Covered Wagons is the last book of the Finding Dust Trilogy, a contemporary poetry series. Publication expected in early 2016. These poems look at how change has affected society or not, is admired and hated and, like time, … [Read more...]