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(For this post, we asked four women what inspires them to succeed.) 1. "Music; love; tough times; aching knees; a marvelous pot of Chicken Marengo; when someone says I can't." Resa Goldberg Freelance writer, editor and marketing consultant, … [Read more...]


Self-motivation is necessary for personal and professional success. Many have it. Some do not. Here's how 10 entrepreneurs, coaches and writers stay motivated.   1. “I have a motivational ritual: I pray and meditate daily, write in my … [Read more...]


Love and health, we believe, are the most important components of human existence. So, in this post, we mention 15 short phrases that can easily be said aloud, whispered, written or texted to a spouse, partner, relative or friend to bring a smile, a … [Read more...]

Finding Dust Trilogy

Love, Lust & Flirts is now available. The work - second of the Finding Dust Trilogy - is my perspective on the joys and pitfalls of love and relationships. Those poems were written to inspire thoughts about love issues, generate necessary … [Read more...]

What is Coaching? Why It’s Important

An occasional post about motivation, energy, leadership and resilience. It features thoughts on writing by established and new authors and writers, poetry and inspirational posts by known and unknown guests. 8 Reasons to Find and Hire a Good … [Read more...]

LOVE, LUST & FLIRTS – contemporary, observational poetry

TOUCH One of life’s first feelings, a revered personal moment talked about In laugh times, awkward conversations when inquiring minds drag Memories into today. Did it leave you breathlessly tongue-tied Tongue-wet embarrassed without … [Read more...]

Proctorisms – Daily Motivators for Life

"Happiness is a club without dues or mission statement." "Technology has made vacations more traumatic than work." “Exercise, Eat Right, Get Sleep” "It's better to have an old birthday than none at all." “Think EGO – Energy Gets … [Read more...]

10 Writing Tips to Help Daily Creativity

By Author, Poet, Trainer and Writing Coach Glenn Proctor     804-678-8570            (In these examples, use descriptive language. Do not use I) Write a daily sentence - 15 words or less - that … [Read more...]


Steps to Completing a Writing Assignment (Story or Book) 1.  Do you have a story to tell? Yes. You do have a story to tell. Everyone does. Writing is important because telling one’s story has implications for self-awareness, self-motivation, … [Read more...]

Bucket and a list

“As long as you have a bucket and a list, you have a place for your Water and your Dreams.” – Glenn Proctor Satisfied SUNDAY! Marvelous MONDAY! Terrific TUESDAY! Wonderful WEDNESDAY! Tremendous THURSDAY! Fabulous FRIDAY! Super … [Read more...]