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Lessons and actions. Lots of writing.

Ideas, Ideas, Ideas

The “ultimate brainstorming” exercise.

Catch It or Lose It – Ball Game

Full of action, movement and motivation.

Entrepreneur’s Delight

How many of you own your own business?

How many have dreamed about owning your own business?

How many of want to start a business within the next year?

With so much economic uncertainty, is this the right time to start your own company?


Rhyme Time! 

A poetry writing exercise. Here’s an example:


More of this,

Less of that;

Live here,

Not there;

Wear this,

Not that;

Love this,

Not that;

Trust this,

Not that;

Read this,

Not that;

Do nothing

What is that?

 This poem taken from LIFE KICKING DUST, 50 Years of Poems,

a poetry autobiography by Glenn Proctor to be published in 2012


Case Studies – Developing Personal Motivation

Check out this statement:

“All of us need motivation at one time or another.”

It’s true.

We all need a boost on a bad day, on a day when “we’re not feeling it” or a day when our bed, a favorite chair or a nearby watering hole feels like the best place to be.

Here are a few examples of when we need motivation:

  • – To finish a project at work, home or school
  • – To end a bad relationship or seek a new one
  • – To ask for a raise or discuss a promotion
  • – To leave a boring job to find a new one.
  • – To return to school to finish a degree
  • – To learn a hobby.
  • – To write that long-delayed business plan to develop your own company.
  • – To lose weight.
  • – To start exercising.
  • – To eat better.
  • – To quit a bad habit
  • – To be a better person to a relative or friend.

Then, of course, there’s the other side of motivation. That is, being the motivator and helping someone else.

Unfinished Business

So many goals, so little time…

Are you an habitual procrastinator?

Do you really believe in yourself?

What are you most passionate about?

What would you like to achieve within the next year?

What steps – education, experience, networking, mentoring – are necessary to reach your goal/goals?

This session – at the end of our workshops – is an open discussion about “things unfinished”
and how to put together your “finish-up” plan.

For details on workshops, individual coaching information or career advice, contact us at 804-678-8570 or  e-mail at