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If you’re ever short of words to say to a loved one, say this:

I Love You Because…

1. You respect our relationship.
2. You make me very proud.
3. You look good in everything.
4. You talk me through difficult situations.
5. You make me a better person.
6. You support my good ideas.
7. You challenge my crazy ideas.
8. You care for me on weak days.
9. Most of your jokes are funny.
10. You make time for passion.
11. You know when getaways are necessary.
12. You allow me to have time alone.
13. You look good in nothing.
14. You say thank you.
15. You love me.

I LOVE YOU BECAUSE… is part of The REDDjobb® Collection, a group of 60
inspirational and motivational posters by Author and Coach Glenn Proctor.

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