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Love and health, we believe, are the most important components of human existence. So, in this post, we mention 15 short phrases that can easily be said aloud, whispered, written or texted to a spouse, partner, relative or friend to bring a smile, a hug, a kiss, ease a tense situation or quell an argument.


1. You respect our relationship.
2. You make me very proud.
3. You look good in everything.
4. You talk me through difficult situations.
5. You make me a better person.
6. You support my good ideas.
7. You challenge my crazy ideas.
8. You care for me on weak days.
9. Most of your jokes are funny.
10. You make time for passion.
11. You know when getaways are necessary.
12. You allow me to have time alone.
13. You look good in nothing.
14. You say thank you.
15, You love me.

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Glenn Proctor, author of three books, is a life, business, career and writing coach.