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LOVE, LUST & FLIRTS – contemporary, observational poetry


One of life’s first feelings, a revered personal moment talked about
In laugh times, awkward conversations when inquiring minds drag
Memories into today.
Did it leave you breathlessly tongue-tied
Tongue-wet embarrassed without words?
Was it a stolen schoolyard peck, a cheek brushed,
Lips touched quickly, a locked connection that lingered long
And remains secret in your special place?
Was lip touch bold-faced, strong evidence stored for the
Wedding day when inhibitions and rules were dropped for the right one?
Was your hors d’oeuvre unrehearsed, unplanned on busy playground, near
school locker, in silent dark corner, in red car prepping for green light after
good dinner with red wine?
First kisses come once as Wow! A reason to find
a bathroom to throw up or wipe one’s face of shame
and saliva or admire the
glow not understood or expected.
Save first kiss episodes more than diamonds
and trophies in your hearts’
Box of treasured things.
A good first. A last best.


He tagged her and did not run like
Kids’ run at short recess before lunch.
She tagged him with appreciation and empathy
Like leaders who trust right and care.
He tagged her with security and kisses
That never came in wrong places.
She tagged him with comfort and partnership
That never came with old verbal taunts.
He tagged her with choice and autonomy
Teaching her new roads to success.
She tagged him with understanding
To raise young ones, bright and creative.
He tagged her with sports and information
About similarities of T-shirts and gender.
She tagged him with house beauty
And biography books to enlighten at night.
She tagged him. He tagged her.
Before running from the playground
To watch cartoons with unsalted popcorn
Tasting like serenity, bound for longevity.

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