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Motivation To Go!

1. “Accept your life story – parts good or not – and move to better thinking and greater things. Or remain in first gear, exist in fragile comfort and die with a list of unfinished goals.”

2. “Exercise, Eat Right, Get Sleep”

3. “With marriage, the ministers get paid. With divorce, the lawyers get paid more.”

4. “Don’t miss your bus. In this economy, there are few of them.”

5. “Outside the Box. There is No Box.”

6. “If You Don’t Create Your Own Direction, Others Will Help You Stay Lost.”

7. “Never say I wish – Say I did. Die with no regrets.”

8. “Push the Plow in the Right Direction and the Plow Will Share Half the Load.”

9. “the thing to remember about the curves, turns, stops and starts of LIFE is that you’re doing the driving.”

10. “SECRETS inside are forever yours. SECRETS outside are forever public.”

11. “The Most Ironic Thing About Life is That No One Knows When They Reach The Middle.”

12. “If you think the mountain is too high, then it is. Don’t be upset when others climb over you.”

13. “Success has no color, age or zip code. Resilience without excuses.

14. “Luck doesn’t sleep with those who give up.”

15. “The size of your persistence matters most.”

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