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Coming Soon – Glenn Proctor’s newest  book, 750 Questions Worth Asking Yourself or Your Significant Other


What questions would you, and should you, ask your lover? Here are 750 though-provoking, sexy, and just plain fun queries to get you started on what might just be the most important discussion of your life.

Coming soon from Outskirts Press.


Glenn Proctor’s newest poetry book, Change: Robots Driving Covered Wagons – Finding Dust Trilogy (3)

This work – third of the Finding Dust Trilogy – examines the eternal questions of life – Where have we come from? Where are we going? – through the lens of evocative poetry. This spirited journey through the perils, merits and joys of progress is part autobiography, part commentary and all the result of decades spent watching and listening.

at Barnes & Noble or from Outskirts Press



Glenn Proctor’s book, Love, Lust & Flirts: Finding Dust Trilogy (2)


This work – second of the Finding Dust Trilogy – is the author’s perspective on the joys and pitfalls of love and relationships. These poems were written to inspire thoughts about love issues, generate necessary skepticism and find laugh out loud moments.






This work – the first book of the Finding Dust Trilogy – is how I write and
understand poetry. It represents so many life experiences – success, pride,
danger, addiction, love, competition, truth, failure, laughter, disappointment,
fun, mystery, hope and the death of so many relatives, friends and Marine
and journalism colleagues. Through it all, the Good Brother upstairs was
always with me no matter how out of control or successful my life has been.
This is my story.

at Barnes & Noble or in Charlotte at Park Road Books.



Get Glenn Proctor’s first e-book, Tweets, Greets, Sweets & Beets: A Guide to Managing Ego 


Management, career and life tips presented as basic, relevant, thoughtful
and fun messages. Because most people have a verse, slogan, tidbit, motto
or quote to live by, these can be used as personal mission statements.
Hopefully, readers will think, laugh, pass them along, make a screensaver,
tweet or put them in fancy frames next to the work mission statements
they don’t understand.