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Proctorisms – Daily Motivators for Life

“Happiness is a club without dues or mission statement.”

“Technology has made vacations more traumatic than work.”

“Exercise, Eat Right, Get Sleep”

“It’s better to have an old birthday than none at all.”

“Think EGO – Energy Gets Opportunity”

“Don’t miss your bus. In this economy, there are few of them.”

“Outside the box. There is no box.”

“If You Don’t Create Your Own Direction, Others Will Help You Stay Lost.”

“Never say I wish – Say I did. Die with no regrets.”

“Push the Plow in the Right Direction and the Plow Will Share Half the Load.”

“The thing to remember about the curves, turns, stops and starts of LIFE is that you’re doing the driving.”

“Write it down.” 

“SECRETS inside are forever yours. SECRETS outside are forever public.”

“The Most Ironic Thing About Life is That No One Knows When They Reach The Middle.”

 “Believe. Focus. Plan. Execute.” 

“If you jiggle, go home and change. If you wiggle, go to the gym.”

“If you think the mountain is too high, then it is. Don’t be upset when others climb over you.”

“Success has no color, age, gender or zip code. Find resilience without excuses.

“Never lie to the face in the mirror.”

“Until your buzzer sounds, you have time for winning moments.”

“Counting regrets wastes time and shortens life.”

“If you feel young, you are. If you feel old, you are.”

“The 11th commandant: Thou shalt put away thy cell phone when the food is on the table  and you’re not paying the bill.”

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