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Training and Services

We provide non-traditional, fast-paced creative and motivational workshops and individual career-transition and small business coaching. In addition to our workshops, we offer limited job searches, writing and editing services, manuscript development and editing and business promotion strategies.

“Motivating” Workshops and Services

Here are short descriptions of the workshops and services we offer. We focus on writing and fun exercises to express motivation, creative thinking and management situations. We believe spontaneity fuels creativity and idea generation. Our programs – on-site programs – are adaptable to a variety of workplace situations, university environments, individuals and groups. 


Carry Your Own Water
Managing, Leading and Building Effective Teams
Effective Communication (No Technology Necessary)

Journalism & Media

Gathering News and Information
Media Now
Managing in Changing Times

Media Relations

With our extensive and diverse list of contacts across media platforms (1) we can assist individuals find positions and internships (2) get individuals, groups and companies connected to media managers and executives throughout the U.S. and (3) provide diverse strategies for creating and distributing your organization’s brand or message.

Motivation & Creativity

This module – CREATIVE MOTIVATION BOOT CAMP – is a series of timed written exercises to boost management and leadership skills, creative thinking, coaching techniques and verbal communication. Prepare to have FUN, WRITE and THINK.

More Group Workshops

IDEAS, IDEAS, IDEAS – Let your “brain storm.”
CATCH IT OR LOSE IT – Full of action, movement and motivation.
ENTREPRENEUR’S DELIGHT – Your business, your future.
RHYME TIME – “Roses are red” and much more.
MORE TECH – What’s next?
CASE STUDIES – Group motivational exercises.
UNFINISHED BUSINESS – Getting your passion back on track.

Mentoring & Coaching


Our primary coaching focus is career-related, including networking tips and making strategic connections, specific industry job searches, resume updates and interview preparation and practice.