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Self-motivation is necessary for personal and professional success.

Many have it. Some do not.

Here’s how 10 entrepreneurs, coaches and writers stay motivated.

1. “I have a motivational ritual: I pray and meditate daily, write in my gratitude journal and listen to motivational messages.”
           Karen Alexander, Auntie Karen Foundation, Columbia, S.C.

2. “Staying motivated is all about reward and reinforcement. Reward yourself at various stages of accomplishing the goal. Reinforcement relies on a second person to hold you accountable.”
           Dawn Onley, Blogger/Communicator, Women Who Hope, Washington, D.C.

3. “Every day my daughter reminds me that I need to set a good example, that I need to lead by example, that I need to show compassion and that I constantly have new things to learn every day.”
           Kristen Go, Managing Editor, Digital, San Francisco Chronicle,

4. “I journal and spend 30 minutes in SILENCE daily to BE in alignment with my Creator.”
           Rita Ricks, Life Coach, Inspirational Speaker, Richmond, VA

5. “The joy of seeing clients move from hurt and frustration to feeling loved and appreciated in their relationships is what motivates me.”
           Lori Ann Davis, Relationship Specialist, Radio Host, Charlotte, NC
           Author, Unmasking Secrets to Unstoppable Relationships: How to Find, Keep, and Renew Love and Passion in Your Life

6. “If I’m exhausted, it’s hard to stay motivated. A sleep routine is critical toward staying on the path.”
           Elizabeth “Libby” Smoot, Marketing Communications Manager, Trex Company, Winchester VA

7. “My motivation stems from, and is renewed through, Discipline, Faith, and in giving Thanks.”
           Erika Hollen, Designer, Hollen Zoo Designs, Richmond VA

8. “Call me a deadline slayer. I thrive on getting it done quickly and getting it done right.”
           Samieh Shalash, editor and content strategist, Richmond, VA

9. “I am agile. I believe. I have hope. I’m motivated to empower women and men who want more choices, more confidence and more for their families.“
           Alice Flowers, President/Creative Director, AF Image Group, Minneapolis. Looking to open locations in Charlotte and Washington,

10. “On New Year’s Day, I select a theme to guide my personal and professional aspirations for the year.”
           Raven Hill, Communications Director, Philadelphia

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