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The DETERMINED DIVERSE WOMEN Workshop Testimonials

“Thanks Glenn. I thought the event was successful.  I heard positive responses from many participants. Keeping the group small will enhance attendants getting to know each other.”

Lillian Lambert, author and entrepreneur, Richmond

“It was such an amazing and unique experience participating in your event on Saturday. I'm so happy I was a part of it and got to meet so many strong, intelligent, and fabulous women. Really AMAZING!”

Lauren Deloach, owner, Category5, freelance editor and Richmond Times-Dispatch Style Columnist

“You bring out the best in everyone! You’re making a difference Glenn in so many lives. God Bless!“ 

Rita Ricks, owner, Rita Ricks LLC, Richmond

“It was a pleasure working with you and I'm glad people were asking 
about me. I enjoyed the group - good energy and good concept and

Roberta Oster Sachs, president, Oster Sachs Communications, Richmond

“Very uplifting and inspiring, I left with a solidified confidence knowing that if I want it, I can get it - whether personal, professional or a balance of both.”

Samieh Shalash, Reporter, (Newport News) Daily Press

“Thank you so much for the opportunity. You are an amazing man. Thanks again.”

Deidre W. Whittle, PhD, LPC, LMHP, Psychologist/Life coach, Richmond

“The workshop was great. Your mission to motivate was certainly accomplished. I started a journal and have set several goals. As you suggested, I plan to have a book and a video by next year this time.  Thank you.”

Tanya Free, entrepreneur, freelance writer and radio show host

“It was uplifting, enlightening and energizing. The speakers were diverse and encouraging. The exercises were thought provoking and I have already begun to utilize some of the tools I learned from the seminar. Worth attending!”

Ameeka Proctor, customer manager, King of Prussia PA

“The women's event was extremely interesting for me. It was such a fabulous mix of accomplished women. I know I was asked to be a panelist, but I got out of it much more than I gave! I have thought about what was said there many times over the past few days. I left extremely motivated and encouraged in so many ways. It really has made me think about where I am headed. I don't have answers yet, but the accomplishments of the women there have inspired me. I could have spent the while day with those women.”

Elizabeth Smoot, former general manager, Northern Virginia Daily

“I enjoyed it. I thought using a few speakers for different panels and keeping things moving was great. Folks naturally exchanged cards, but you might want to encourage it. The other thing that happened naturally was that women moved around the room and talked to different folks, so the introduction at the beginning probably helped us identify folks we wanted to speak with at some length.”

Jackie Jones, Jones Coaching LLC, Washington, DC

“For me, it was very empowering to be around other career-minded, but not crazy climber-type women, and to hear their experiences. I liked the diversity of experience the women brought to the table. I certainly left feeling inspired, and feeling that I had met a handful of women I’d like to keep in touch with. Thank you for that.”

Gillian Gaynair, senior writer, International Center for Women, Washington, DC