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(For this post, we asked four women what inspires them to succeed.)

1. “Music; love; tough times; aching knees; a marvelous pot of Chicken Marengo; when someone says I can’t.”

Resa Goldberg
Freelance writer, editor and marketing consultant, Charlotte, NC
Author, Love Me Madly: A Memoir

2. “My inspiration to succeed comes from knowledge to recognize the roadblocks that need to be removed. Press forward. Be empowered. Succeed.”

Sheree R. Curry
Journalist, public relations and marketing specialist, Minneapolis

3. “I am inspired by the hope that my voice has value.”

Toni Cordell
Health literacy/patient safety speaker, mentor, 73-year-old college student, Charlotte, NC
Author, The Puppy on the Other Side of the Pond

4. “Being around other brilliant, driven, strong women who navigate through the currents of life to achieve their dreams has and always will be a fountain of inspiration to me.”

Sara Dir
Student advocate, motivational speaker, business major at Queens University, Charlotte, NC

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