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– Believe this: “Energy Gets Opportunity.” That’s real E-G-O.
– Believe in change.
– Believe goals are reachable. Dreams without action are trees without leaves.
– Believe success has no color, age or zip code. Giving up is life’s easiest task.
– Believe creativity, good mentoring and coaching are as important to some as education.
– Believe timing. Your bus might be early, on time or late. Just be ready to climb aboard and take advantage of the ride. In this economy, there are fewer buses.
– Believe a positive attitude brings positive results. Toss negative thinking, distractions, naysayers, doubt, fear and excuses.
– Believe critics are everywhere. Sometimes closer than you think.
– Believe yourself, but know the face in the mirror. Analyze yourself before others analyze you.
– Believe accountability and fair leadership are the keys to a successful business or team.
– Believe resilience wins. Mental toughness is a necessary trait. Not everyone has it.
– Believe success stories. “Cheer for the champions. Then become one.”
– Believe this: “If you don’t create your own direction, others will help you stay lost.”

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  1. Ervin Clarke says:

    This is powerful!

  2. Yes, yes, yes., thank you

  3. Copied it … Enlarged it … Printed it and PUT it UP!
    Words to build and grow by!!

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