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CHANGE Robots Driving Covered Wagons is the last book of the Finding Dust Trilogy, a contemporary poetry series. Publication expected in early 2016.

These poems look at how change has affected society or not, is admired and hated and, like time, continues with or without us. Change is a blessing to some, a travesty to others and at this time in history is speeding along without stop signs. At the same time, some change is stuck in social, legislative, emotional, economic and judicial limbo, stalled by apathy, bias, history, politics and culture.

Without change, the covered wagons would still be rolling and we would not be carrying our “must have” lifelines in our hands.

Change is necessary.
Change is difficult.
Change is new.
Change is refreshing.
Creativity is change. Change is equality.
Resilience is understanding and accepting change.
Change is a group. Change is individual.
Change is one step. One word. One moment.
Minds change. Plans change. Some people change.
Change is women at the head of the line.
Change is men listening and learning.
Change is a sense of understanding.
Change is new hellos and goodbye.
Change is accepting as much technology as we need.
Change is growing up and growing out.
Change is growing old. Change is gaining wisdom.
Change is believing the face in the mirror.
Change is office robots. Change is flying cars.
Change is extending a hand. Change is action.
Change is cars without faces. Change is jobs without people.
Change is history told truthfully.
Change is achieving peace. Change is the next war.
Bodies change. Minds change. Time changes. Seasons change.
Relationships change. Families change. Love changes.
Change is life. Change is death.

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The two other books of the poetry trilogy are available through this site or at If the books make sense or any of the poems resonate with you, a written review would be appreciated.

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  1. I absolutely love this. “Change is believing the face in the mirror”!!!! Yes Sir

  2. Okay, I am human and change took me out of diapers a long time ago. Now, life continues to change and challenge me to keep up with it. Sometime I go willingly. Keep it up. Thank you.

  3. “Bodies change. Minds change. Time changes. Seasons change.” I really like this line. In life, change is inevitable and even the smallest tweaks can have a great impact on what happens next. When times get tough, perseverance and resilience will push you through to the end. Thanks for the insight, Proctor!

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